Panunumpa ng Katapatan sa Watawat ng Pilipinas

The Panunumpa ng Katapatan sa Watawat ng Pilipinas or Pledge of Allegiance to the Philippine Flag in English is one of the two national oaths of the Filipinos. It is to be recited at flag ceremonies in all public and private schools in the Philippines. It is said after singing the national anthem, the Lupang Hinirang and after reciting the Panatang Makabayan or Patriotic Oath in English.

The Panunumpa ng Katapatan sa Watawat ng Pilipinas is to be recited while standing with the right hand with palm open raised shoulder high, same with Panatang Makabayan.

Filipino Version

Ako ay Pilipino
Buong katapatang nanunumpa
Sa watawat ng Pilipinas
At sa bansang kanyang sinasagisag
Na may dangal, katarungan at kalayaan
Na pinakikilos ng sambayanang
Makakalikasan at

English translation

I am a Filipino
I pledge my allegiance
To the flag of the Philippines
And to the country it represents
With honor, justice, and freedom
Put in motion by one Nation
For God
for the People,
for Nature and
for the Country.

Spanish Translation

Yo soy Filipino
Juro mi lealtad
A la bandera de Filipinas
Y al país que ésta representa
Con honor, justicia y libertad
Puesta en movimiento por un pueblo
Para Dios,
Para el Pueblo,
Para la naturaleza, y
Para el País.

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